Now more than ever, your home matters.
Having a sanctuary matters.

That’s what we create for you.
Unik Interiors is an award-winning firm that crafts exclusive interiors for private luxury homes.

What we do is transformative.
Our designs enrich the way you live in your home, inspire you to live better, and surround you with exceptional beauty.
Our boutique-style firm caters to those who appreciate the artistry, detail and nuance of design,
and are looking for exquisite quality, insightful experience and unparalleled service.
Based in Hyderabad, we are available to work with clients throughout Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

About the Design

World Design Leaders

Unik Interiors is proud and honoured to be recognized as a leader in the interior decorating and design industry.

Since opening doors in 2019, Unik Interiors has been creating exceptional homes that allow his clients to experience the exquisite beauty of well-crafted design and the ease of living with refined functionality.

Unik Interiors passion for design is enduring and contagious. Unik Interiors approaches each project with a vision to inspire thier clients and deliver beyond what they ever dreamed possible. Each design is uniquely personal, yet always infused with Unik Interiors signature sense of fresh, understated luxury. Our designs are recognized for their timeless appeal, beautiful custom furnishings, layered luxurious materials, and unexpected details. Laura is a purist and a perfectionist. No detail is left unattended, and quality is paramount.

Having worked and trained in both Hyderabad & Secunderabad, Unik Interiors brings a unique breadth of knowledge and experience to every project. we has a love of travel and finds continuous inspiration in art, design and architecture from around the world.

We has been repeatedly ranked among the top ten designers in Hyderabad, and our work has been acclaimed locally and nationally with multiple industry honours and awards. Most recently, We were awarded inclusion in the Indian publication.